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  1. International Cyber Crime Takedown Targets “Carding”
  2. Gang Used 3D Printers for ATM Skimmers
  3. Hackers break SSL encryption used by millions of sites
  4. Customers Hit By ATM Card-Skimming Thieves
  5. Carder set up ‘credit card factory’
  6. Brooklyn Credit card fraud factory
  7. Ukraine Detains 5 Individuals Tied to $70 Million in eBanking Heists
  8. UK hacker Gary McKinnon wins extradition battle
  9. Man Gets 6 Years in Prison for Laundering $2.5 Million for Carders
  10. Microsoft has patented technology to spy on users of Skype
  11. High bandwidth DDoS attacks are now common, researcher says
  12. FBI arrests six British 'hackers' in 'biggest ever' undercover sting.
  13. Highly sophisticated fraud ring targets 'high rollers'
  14. $200m credit card fraud: Gang of 18 are charged
  15. Romanian carders plead guilty to Subway hack
  16. Banking trojan "Gameover"
  17. Russian Hackers Targeting USA banks
  18. Major U.S. banks still under DDoS attack
  19. Feds Arrest ‘Kurupt’ Carding Kingpin?
  20. Bank Settles With Calif. Cyberheist Victim
  21. Credit Reports Sold for Cheap in the Underweb
  22. DDoS Attack on Bank Hid $900,000 Cyberheist
  23. Hackers steal info from Insurance provider Nationwide
  24. Thief breaks into ATMs with pendrive and steals £ 87,000
  25. Biggest' cyber-attack in history grips web
  26. U.S. bank website hackers used advanced botnets, diverse tools
  27. Fraud Ring In Hacking Attack On 60 Banks
  28. Hacker claims breach of 79 banks, releases customer data
  29. Fraudster used Facebook to hack bank accounts
  30. Seven cyber hackers 'stole $45 million in just 10 hours'
  31. Liberty Reserve Closed
  32. ATM malware "Ploutus" updated with English-language version
  33. Hacker Group claim $100k Sebastian hack
  34. PIN skimmer - new side channel attack against mobile devices
  35. Cyber gang take £1.3m
  36. ATM hackers - $45M '21st century bank heist,'
  37. Skimming made easier with hacked portable card payment machines
  38. €36m Bank Hesit via mobile malware
  39. 400k Credit Card Details Hacked
  40. POS attack enabled hackers to steal 50M card numbers from Target
  41. Casino Hacked
  42. ATM Exploit Via USB Malware
  43. POS Malware Used to Hack Target
  44. $2 Million Gas Station Skim
  45. Massive Bank Hack Via Malware
  46. Target Hack Method - BlackPOS Malware
  47. 6.8 million Target card credentials traded - Carders profit $1 Billion
  48. Botnet takes $2.2M from multiple Digital Wallets
  49. UK Banks Hacked
  50. Banking Malware Targets Bank of America
  51. BlackOS Automatic Website Hacking Software
  52. Millions of CC Hacked by Anonymous Ukraine
  53. 150 Million Details Hacked Via ChewBacca Malware
  54. Burlington City Bank Account $450,000 Heist [BOA Bank]
  55. 1.1m Cards Hacked @ Neiman Marcus
  56. $500 Billion Cost of Hacking
  57. Paypal Loophole Doubles Your Money
  58. Dominos Pizza Hacked - 650k CC Data Taken
  59. 4.5 Million Data Hack
  60. Biggest Data Hack - 56 Million Cards Hacked
  61. Major Flaw in Visa Contactless CC
  62. ATM Loophole
  63. 1.16 Million Cards Hacked At Staples
  64. $81 Million Bank Heist
  65. SWIFT Hackers Take $10M