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    Vouch for bravo. Appreciate todays support pal.

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    Bro i emailed you the screenshot. the money arrived after 12am (midnight). Sorry about that earlier.
    Thumbs up from luton, uk!

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    High value transfers are now available from our Investment and Corporate accounts.
    Available to UK/USA/EU

    Contact us for more information.
    Yahoo :
    ICQ : 687024626

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    Thank God i found u dude, got tons of accounts. please get back to me on icq

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    Bravo the payment is appearing on my account on the top but not available to withdraw. Please advise... email me back or reply on the thread.. Thanks


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    Hello, Please check your account now at an ATM (cash machine) and not via your online banking as there can be a delay depending on your browser. Then confirm back to me via email.
    Next time if you have a question or want support. Do not post on the thread, simply email me and you will receive a reply within 30-45 miniutes.

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    Money cleared! just pulled out 300!! Thank you for the response Bravo, sorry about posting before emailing you. This is the 1st time i've done this type of thing. Thanks again man il message you when I complete my cashout.


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    vouch for bravo's bank transfers. 100%

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    Yeah he is a legit guy. Used to see him back in 2012 on the secured IRC's.

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    Bravo thank you, il keep in contact.. thank you all at tuxedocrew, its been an awesome start to the year

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