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    I salute you bravo! my drop emailed me and its all there.

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    Bravo, i appreciate the service you are providing here. Please reply to my email, i made a request for a new transfer. Im ready to pay the fee and get started. Thank you

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    We transferred $10,455 to this customer 2 months ago. He cashed out successfully and his account + online banking is still live and working fine.
    This is more proof that our transfers are safe.

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    My hsbc account we done in 2011 is still live and the bank even sends me letters to upgrade my account. lol

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    Really want to try this service!!

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    This guy is 100% legit.

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    As a result of numerous questions we receive from new customers and clients, we've decided to make this post to answer some of your questions. Please read this before you contact us.

    Question 1: Are you selling money and why don't you send it to yourself ?

    Answer : A lot of customers ask this question when they contact us and the answer is we sell bank transfers (money) which you can have sent directly to your account with zero risk. Also if you read our main page post you will see we are actually looking for professional and regular customers that can be considered for future cashier/drop service work.

    Question 2 : Where do the funds you are transferring come from ?

    Answer : Our service is strictly bank transfers and wires. We have access to dormant online banking details of various banks which we gather as a result of the phishing campaign. We make transfers from these accounts to any account you provide. Our service is fully verified by Admin and we are highly reviewed.

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    I added u bravo, I wish to do business.

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    Bravo, i want to try you but I need tips to cash out without id. Can i go shopping with the money on my account instead?
    Please pm me

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    I vouch for bravo!! 6,200 on my santander current account. On time and very supportive, thank u again bruv.

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