Hello Members,

As you all know Liberty Reserve is finished. It has been officially closed and the Liberty reserve website has been dissolved.
Firstly I would like to say that I have lost my money in my Liberty Reserve account so I can share the pain with those members who have also lost money at Liberty Reserve.

Liberty Reserve is closed but we must continue so I will share some alternatives below.

Bitcoin (Via Coinbase)

Some of you may know about Bitcoin, i must admit it is more expensive than Liberty Reserve, but it is 100% secure and I doubt bitcoin will ever be raided like Liberty Reserve.

You can read more about Bitcoin here : http://bitcoin.org/en/

Do not let the concept confuse you, it is as simple as Liberty Reserve and possibly easier. As long as you use a bitcoin "Wallet Provider".

A wallet Provider = Third party handling your Bitcoins instead of you storing them on your own unsecure computer.

I personally use Coinbase because its very straight forward and easy to use.
At coinbase you can send/recieve/buy/sell Bitcoins.
They have been operational for some years now and stability wise they are in the top 3.

You can read more about Coinbase here : https://coinbase.com/

Perfect Money

Another Liberty Reserve alternative is Perfect Money.
Perfect Money has been a long term competitor to Liberty Reserve for many years and for that reason I trust their experience.
It is cheaper in comparison to Bitcoin.

You can read more about Perfect Money here : http://perfectmoney.com/

Web Money

Web Money is one of the original e-currency providers. It has managed to stay in business for many years and I personally have never lost money at Web Money.
The currency exchange rate/commision is almost exactly like Liberty Reserve. Many vendors also accept Web Money and I have a feeling it will become very popular now that Liberty Reserve has exited the market.

You can read more about Web Money here : http://www.wmtransfer.com/