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    Western Union & Moneygram Transfers - *AVAILABLE NOW* - By Bravo [VERIFIED SELLER]

    We are now selling Western Union and Moneygram transfers. We are fully approved. And our service is legit!

    How it works :
    1) You choose how much you want to receive. ($2500 or $5000 or $7500 or $10,000)

    2) You tell me your receiver information. (Your Full Name, City, State, Country) (You can also use the "NO I/D" Option)

    3) You pay the transfer price. (Payment is always upfront)

    4) We do the transfer. (All transfers are completed within 10 minutes)

    5) We give you confirmation of the transfer. (MTCN Code and Senders Information)

    6) You pick up the payment by using the confirmation details. (MTCN Code and Senders Information)

    7) Deal is completed.

    Price :
    You Pay $250 --->You Receive $2,500
    You Pay $500 --->You Receive $5,000
    You Pay $750 --->You Receive $7,500
    You Pay $1000 -->You Receive $10,000

    Method :
    Our method always works and is very successful.

    We use :
    - Compromised agent terminals through malware (KVM Devices at physical Western Union shops)
    - Direct Bank deposits via bank data (we send bank transfers to a WU account and then we transfer the clean funds to you)

    We DO NOT use :
    - Credit Cards
    -"WU/MG Bugs"
    - Counterfeit Money

    Rules :

    Our Western Union and Moneygram transfers have a high success rate and are guaranteed to clear without any delay or problem.
    Only serious members are welcome. No timewasters allowed. No beggers allowed.
    Professional and regular customers will be considered for future partnership work.


    Email: bravoinbox
    ICQ: 687024626



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    Thank you bravo , Vouch!

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    Great work - Respect you for always keeping on time

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    I need a transfer too. I added u , pls accept.


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    Awesome! Collected my wu payment - MTCN: 245-618-1405 VOUCH

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    DEAL COMPLETE. thank u bravo

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    Tried a small WU transfer today and it worked on the first try. I can confirm this guy is legit. Will be doing more business here Asap.

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    I fully VOUCH for bravo too - 3x MG cashed out

    W.B [Wyld.Boy], Cali, US

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    I'm ready to try a western union transfer. I'm on ICQ now

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