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    All 5 cards worked at the ATM. Cashed out $2500 so far

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    I want to do business asap!

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    Received my cc's today. I can vouch atmghost is a very trustworthy seller. Vouch and respect.

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    So happy i found your page. Me and my team need atm cards.
    Accept me on ICQ.

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    This guy is a TRUE BOSS :) Checked my post today and hey presto the cards are here, all neatly packaged :) Cashout time Thx ghost

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    Got my cards too. Atmghost your the best ++ keep up the good work.

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    Thanks bro we really appreciate your service.

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    I received 3 cards inside an old laptop.
    Very smart shipment. Kudos and vouch for ghost.

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    Had to let everyone know atm ghost is legit. Been dealing with him for a couple months now. Great Guy!

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    Successful first order

    My first order of ATM Cards arrived this morning + Vouch for ATMGHOST

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