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Thread: Best skimmer?

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    Best skimmer?

    I need to know the best skimmer to use. Skimming about 20-30 cards a day.. Any tips?

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    Try the Mini DX3. Worlds Smallest and Most Powerful Card Skimmer.

    The Mini DX3 is the smallest portable magnetic data collector in the world. It's a battery-powered portable magnetic swipe reader, which is specially designed for magnetic stripe data collection anytime and anywhere without computer.
    Large memory can collect more than 2,000 data. Built-in Time clock indicates every transaction date and time. Data is read from the card and kept into the memory. Then you may download the data to the computer, save that information to ISO or comma separated text format, or you may sent the information directly to other magnetic card reader/writer like MSR206, MSR605 or MSR606.

    It is perfect for skimming without getting noticed at busy places of business.

    URL :

    Remember to follow these steps when purchasing any carding hardware from Ebay.

    1) Open anonymous paypal account with fake details.
    2) Buy bitcoin from local bitcoins.
    3) Launder your coins quickly via bitfog or another respected bitcoin mixer.
    4) Exchange bitcoins for paypal.
    5) Purchase the hardware (msr 206 or embosser or what ever you need) and always state that you have own a Gym and you give membership cards.
    6) Pay via the anonymous paypal account.
    7) Have the hardware shipped to a drop address or an anonymous PO Box.
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